How we developed the site

The property started out as just a small farmers field

The plot was purchased from the farmer at Upper Hempriggs farm with outline planning permission for a single dwelling. We submitted plans for a house with attached granny annexe which were approved in the middle of 1988. We appointed Spence and Grant a joinery firm in Elgin, as the main contractor. Kenny Ingram builders from Dallas were subcontracted for the ground work and the block work. Neil Hadden Plumbing Ltd were subcontractors for the plumbing works and Alistair Grant from Lhanbryde were the electricians.

In September 1988 all the relevant permissions were in place and work started with cutting ground for the foundations.

The foreman inspects the foundations
The strip foundations waiting for the dwarf walls to be built
The plot from the air showing the track for the water and electricity
The foundations viewed from the corner of the sunlounge base
Looking across the dwarf walls towards the granny annexe
Looking across the dwarf walls from the newly positioned mains water supply

The next few photos show the run of the water pipe to the connection up on the Kinloss to Burghead road

The next photos show the construction and erection of the timberframe

The walls of the granny annexe start going up
The rear of the ground floor
Getting ready to raise the side wall in one move
Part way there
Ground floor nearly walled
Internal walls going in to support the first floor
Getting the panels ready for the first floor walls
The North East corner up
Manhandling the RSJ that will carry the roof over the Master bedroom
The roof timbers taking shape
From the loft looking down
Nimrod doing circuits
Nimrod turning finals viewed from the loft
First fix plumbing going in looking towards the back door
Drain valves and lpg gas pipes. Boiler gas feed on the left. Main gas inlet on the right
Upstairs looking from North East corner showing ensuite plumbing and central heating pipework
Looking towards the bathroom
Looking across the stairwell towards the front bedroom
The main bathroom showing the hot water tank plumbing

Flooring down and doorways being formed
Upper floor showing opening for stairs to the loft
Electrics first fix going in on the upper floor
RSJ across the bedroom ceiling visible
The loft space all floored

At this point work on the inside of the house stopped so that they could concentrate on getting the granny annex wind and watertight so that a stage payment could be triggered. The focus now shifted to the exterior block work, in particular getting the gable end between the house and annex up so that the roof can be constructed over the annex. The next few photos show the work going on apace. Note that the gable end is blocks laid on the flat to meet building control regs over soundproofing.

Sheeting going on the annex roof

The next few photos show the plumbing first fix for the annex. We also took the opportunity to treat the woodwork before it got covered up.

The bathroom plumbing in the annex
Work started on the double garage and completing the block work skin
The roof tiling is complete on the main house and is nearly complete on the annex. The pillar to support the canopy at the front door is in place
Garage roof and canopy over the front door in place awaiting tiling
The exterior harling has been applied to the whole building. The base of the sunlounge is being finished although it will be some years before the sunlounge is completed

The next few photos show the exterior drainage works to the septic tank as well as the rainwater soakaways

The junction where the front and rear soil pipes meet before going into the septic tank
The junction in the rear soil pipe where the rodding eye down to the septic tank is fitted
The rear soil pipe connections
Klargester septic tank being positioned and weighted down until it was fixed in position
The soil pipe connection from the front under the porch. Also showing the telephone cable duct.

The next few photos show the changes to the electricity supply which required the move of a transformer down to outside Upper Hempriggs farm then underground cable in the same track as the water pipe

The new pole in position. The old transformer can be seen in the background with the overhead cables running down towards the farm
New 11000 volt supply to new transformer. Now everybody gets their electricity by underground cable.

The next few photos show the completed interior of the main house. The garden has still to be worked on but that is for a different section to deal with.

The lounge looking south
The lounge looking towards the door to the hallway and the double doors to the dining room
The dining room looking towards the patio doors to the base of the sunlounge. Note the large mound of earth beyond that needs work before it can be called a garden
The dining room looking towards the hallway
The hallway
Master bedroom looking towards the ensuite
Back bedroom
Front bedroom
Andrew and Philip’s room